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Hi, I’m Judy Kemp. I’ve been reading erotica since my early teens, when I had to shoplift it from local bookstores as they wouldn’t sell it to me, and even if they did I’d have been too embarrassed to buy it. It was a lose-lose situation. Erotica has opened so many doors for me as a woman. It inspired me to experience and savour many different sexual scenarios and those, in turn, helped me to discover many previously hidden facets of my true sexual nature. When I read erotica, I like the sex to be frequent, kinky and rough. And that’s the way I like to write it. I live in London and love the shops. I’m married.

“I hate men who are afraid of women’s strength.” – Anaïs Nin.

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…As we enter the bedroom, the sight awaiting us is so erotic that I’m afraid Steve might come too soon. Fiona, the vibrator’s power turned up to the max, is enthusiastically fucking herself with long, deep penetrations. Her lovely face is in a grimace and she’s biting her lower lip so hard I’m afraid she might make it bleed….

…She looks up at Steve and her eyes are on the bulge in his crotch straight away.
‘Do you want Steve to enter you now, babe?’
‘Yes. Yes please. I think I’m ready.’
With her free hand, she caresses one of her breasts. Her eyes are half closed and she’s panting steadily and slowly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more ready in my life.
Steve removes his boxers and his erection springs upwards. I grab it and give it a few more rubs, then step back…

…‘Just doing this is so, so good for me. Just showing you my breasts while we’re all sitting in your dining room talking. I know they’re big and I know they’re a sexy shape. I know you’re both looking at them and it’s arousing for me. I’m excited because it’s a shocking thing to do, for me, anyway. I’ve been starved of this sort of attention. I’m sure you’ll understand. I knew I could do this with the both of you. You both seem so nice and understanding and I knew you wouldn’t freak out. I’d been thinking about it on the way over here. I’ve compared them to lots of photographs on the internet. I’m sure they’d take photographs of me on some of those sites if I offered them.’
‘I’d subscribe straight away if you ever did that!’ says Steve, laughing.
‘Would you?’
‘Are you kidding? A site with naked photographs of you on it? God almighty.’
‘Maybe photographs of me having sex, as well. Would you want to subscribe to that?’
‘Maybe a film of me having sex. Taking different partners. Maybe more than one at a time.’ She rubs her hands up and down her thighs and licks her lips. ‘Me being fucked by men and women I didn’t know. People watching us.’ She pushes her thighs against each other, her nipples rigid. ‘People filming me being fucked and putting it on the internet where everyone can see it.’ She rubs her breasts softly and gives both nipples a quick pinch…

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